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I personally think that it was a good idea that McCain said that to Obama, but I believe that it is just a little to late for that, mainly because John McCain should have done that from the first time Barack Obama compared him to President George W. Bush.

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As many of you know (unless you have been living under a rock) Barack Obama and John McCain had their third and final presidential debate tonight; at Hofstra University (located in Hempstead New York). As I watched the 90 minute debate between the two presidential candidates, I must say that John McCain did a better job than he did during the last two debates. However, I think Obama was kind of slacking off a bit, for example when he was given the opportunity to criticize Sarah Palin he did not take it. What stood out to me the most was when Senator McCain confronted Senator Obama about comparing him to bush by saying: “I am not President Bush, if you wanted to run against President Bush, you should have run 4 years ago.”

Barack had responded to his comment by saying: “If I’ve occasionally mistaken your policies for George Bush’s policies, it’s because on the core economic issues that matter to the American people on tax policy, on energy policy, on spending priorities; you have been a vigorous supporter of President Bush.”

In my opinion I believe that both candidates did a decent job, but I do not think either candidates won the debate tonight; mainly because I think that they were somewhat saying the same things that they had said before. Another thing that I must point out is that the moderator, Bob Schieffer had done a much better job than the previous moderators, because he asked the candidates some very good questions and he was able to get them to interact with one another, similar to the first presidential moderator, Jim Lehrer.

*Note: This is an unbiased article written about both candidates.

~AnGel LuSt

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According to an article that was written by Associated Press author, Denise Lavoie, our three presidential candidates are related to some very famous people.

In the article, it states that researchers at the New England Historic Genealogical Society, found that Barack Obama is distant cousins with:

George W. Bush (President)

George H.W. Bush

Geral Ford

Lydon Johnson

Harry S. Truman

James Madison

Dick Cheney (Vice President)

Sir Winston Churchill (British Prime Minister)

Robert E. Lee (Civil War General)

Brad Pitt

Researchers also found that Hilary Clinton is distant cousins with

Jack Kerouac (Author)

Camilla Parker-Bowles (Wife of Prince Charles)

Angelina Jolie


Celine Dion

Alanis Morissette

Whereas John McCain is distant cousins with:

Laura Bush (First Lady)

~AnGel LuSt~

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