According to an article that was written by Associated Press author, Denise Lavoie, our three presidential candidates are related to some very famous people.

In the article, it states that researchers at the New England Historic Genealogical Society, found that Barack Obama is distant cousins with:

George W. Bush (President)

George H.W. Bush

Geral Ford

Lydon Johnson

Harry S. Truman

James Madison

Dick Cheney (Vice President)

Sir Winston Churchill (British Prime Minister)

Robert E. Lee (Civil War General)

Brad Pitt

Researchers also found that Hilary Clinton is distant cousins with

Jack Kerouac (Author)

Camilla Parker-Bowles (Wife of Prince Charles)

Angelina Jolie


Celine Dion

Alanis Morissette

Whereas John McCain is distant cousins with:

Laura Bush (First Lady)

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In recent news Britney Spears, the train wreck who is trying to redeem herself, made guest appearance on the Monday night television show How I Met Your Mother. Spears played Abby, who is kind a receptionist with a huge crush on Ted, who is played by actor Josh Radnor.

At first I was expecting Britney to screw up and say the wrong line or fall on her ass, but surprisingly she gave a good performance; it wasn’t an Oscar winning performance but it was pretty good.

Does this mean that Britney is finally taking her career and her life seriously? You be the judge and see for yourself.

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This week’s upcoming singer is Kandy, who was recently signed to Decaydance Records. According to this Artist’s Myspace she is currently working on her album, which is said to be entitled Kandy With A K (quite original if I must say lol) and has already written her first single Bubble Gum Pop, with the helped of noted songwriter Jonathan Rotem.

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The king of pophas finally lost it– No I’m not talking about his mind, we already know he is beyond that, I am talking about his Neverland Ranch.

An auction date has been set for March 19, where Jacko’s ranch will be sold for a whopping $24,525,906.61, unless Michael buys it before the sale date. To make things more interesting, when Neverland is auctioned, it will include all personal property inside, all fixtures and appliances, furniture, any rides, and any games.  

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Rihanna and Chris Brown were spotted together in Jamaica cuddling in a pool. According to PageSix the most secretive couple arrived together in Jamaica for the Smile Jamaica Africa Unite Bob Marley celebration in St. Mary, where she had performed.

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Prank Of The Week

This video is a prank that was pulled on the television series, Jackass. In this prank one of the guys pretended to be a terrorist and then caught a cab. The terriost then reveals to the taxi driver a fake bomb strapped to his waist, and that is when all hell broke loose, the taxi driver went crazy and even pulled out a gun. Watch to see what happens lmao.

It seems as if Hannah does not only attract fans, but she also attracts people that want to be rid of her. I came across this website yesterday and I was shocked to find out that there really is a site created to bash Hannah Montana. Though the things that are posted on the site a re little harsh, they are quite funny.

Click Here to see the website.

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